Get the facts on coronavirus

Information about the coronavirus outbreak is spreading fast, but what do we actually know about the illness? CBC News medical contributor and family physician Dr. Peter Lin breaks down the facts about what it is, where it came from, how it spreads and what you can do to protect yourself. See the video here to know more.

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How to Retire on a Cruise Ship

Everyone’s vision for retirement looks different, and yours might involve visiting exotic ports of call aboard a cruise ship. Planning to retire on a cruise ship can help you fulfill your dreams of traveling while potentially allowing you to stretch your savings further.

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Canadian Senior Discount Guide: The Ultimate List

The Dealhack Canadian Senior Discounts List is the result of our quarterly survey of brands that offer seniors discounts. Every three months, our team independently verifies each and every discount on this list. We also add more brands to the list regularly when we come across them.

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First Responder Discounts Guide: The Ultimate List of Stores

This list currently contains over 200 brands and is broken down into 22 categories. It can be downloaded and saved for reference purposes by firefighters, law enforcers, state troopers, disaster response personnel, EMTs, paramedics, and rescue team members.

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Healthy Minds: How Today's Seniors' Homes Exercise Minds

When it comes to brain health, there are two risk factors that you can’t control: genetics and aging. That leaves lots of opportunity to improve your long-term brain function, and possibly your quality of life in the bargain. The secret seems to lie in continuing to challenge yourself, mentally and physically and even socially. As Mary Schulz, director of education for the Alzheimer Society of Canada, explains, “It’s about mixing it up a little, getting out there and being engaged in life, whatever that means for the person.”

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