The Police Pensioners Association on Ontario has received a copy of:

National Situational Information Report

Federal Bureau of Investigations Active Alert

The United States Bureau of Investigations has released an alert regarding the safety of Police Officers and retired Police Officers as a result of the murder of two New York City Police Officers. The Alert should be taken seriously by all Canadian Police Officers and retired Police Officers.

There have been eight (8) confirmed threats to murder Police Officers and retired Police Officers throughout the United States (New York, Baltimore, Memphis, Cleveland, Colorado, Rialto California and Washington DC) in the wake of the two New York City Police Officers being executed while sitting in their Police vehicle.

As a result, all Canadian Retired Police Officers are urged to use caution while traveling in the United States. This includes removing Police regalia such as ball caps, jackets, badges and decals.

NOTE: The report has been confirmed through an FBI Source. A copy of the report is available upon request.

Retirement can lead to depression risk:

“Police work inherently involves violence and death,” says John Violanti, one of the foremost researchers in North America on the subject of police suicide. “The human psyche of police officers must be continuously battered by the stress and trauma of this violence experience. Multi-faceted stress and trauma experienced over the length of a police career can take its psychological toll.”

That toll has been adding up in recent years, both in the United States and Canada. According to a 2012 study prepared on behalf of the Badge of Life Police Mental Health Foundation, a U.S.-based peer support organization, there are between 125 and 150 police suicides each year in the U.S. — close to “three times the number of officers killed by felons.”

Similar statistics aren’t readily available in Canada, but two years ago, in a study of how the Ontario Provincial Police handle operational stress injuries, provincial Ombudsman André Marin found that 23 active and retired OPP officers died by suicide between 1989 and 2012.

Crisis lines are available 24/7  who need help dealing with a mental health problem, including suicidal inclinations.

They are staffed by professionals or trained volunteers, who offer support and advice and if need be will try to help a caller get connected to immediate help within his or her community. Both English and French are spoken.