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Just because you have retired doesn’t mean that stress is no longer a factor in your life. If you have now retired your health has undergone decades of stress from a professional level and personal level as well. However stress can still be present from your career and there is stress in retirement time as well. Stress can cause health problems both physical and emotional. To help reduce stress here are a few tips that may help.

  1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. It will vary for each person but 7 to 10 hrs per day is preferrable. ( you can include your afternoon nap in that ).
  2. If heading in to a stressful situation then get a little extra sleep. Being well rested always helps.
  3. Avoid coffee, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs as a coping method. We may have used one of these to help during our career time but try not to during your retirement.
  4. Good nutrition. When you were in your career you didn’t have time for a nutritious meal but now you have! So eat healthy!

Retirment is a great time of life, you’ve worked for it and you earned it, so RELAX and enjoy it.



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